Important Copyright Notice

The South Korean news outlet E-Daily (and possibly others unknown to us) has issued an article regarding the launch of hypermarket chain Lotte Mart’s new egg tart. This new product is being promoted as the same product as NATA PURA - at a lower price. “Customers can easily feel the local taste of Portugal at home without going to a famous cafe.”, a Lotte Mart official is quoted as saying in the article. The implication is obvious, even as the news articles specifically mention our NATA PURA product: the article claims Lotte Mart sells the same NATA PURA product as the Paul Bassett coffee shop chain. This is demonstrably false, as the mentioned Lotte Mart supplier has expressly denied such claims. Consumers are aware, and are sympathetic to the high-grade NATA PURA product available at Paul Bassett. NATA PURA pioneered the Portuguese egg tart in the South Korean market, and its long and fruitful partnership (four years now) with Paul Bassett ushered NATA PURA as a consumer favorite and a bestselling product. NATA PURA is the sole proprietor of its recipe, making it impossible for a third entity to acquire our product without our knowledge, authorization and expressed consent. NATA PURA is also the sole proprietary of the technology to regenerate egg tarts in the microwave, holding the world wide patent to that effect. In short, the brand NATA PURA cannot ever be used to leverage it’s popularity and superior quality to drive sales of unrelated products. This is being done expressly using our copyrighted brand and, as such, proper actions are being deployed to safeguard both our brand and our partners in the South Korean market. BY Foods Porto, Portugal, February 6th, 2020
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